Tools used to enhance decision making in risk management and quality management

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The seven-step strategy is:. This three-pronged description of the risk manager's functions (i.e., loss control, claims management, and risk financing) is the foundation of the classic textbook on healthcare risk management, Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety, most recently updated in (Youngberg Principles).

Decision Making

What tools are used by your organization to enhance decision making and the flow process used to address current risk and quality management issues? What strategies doe your organization believe should be implemented to improve ongoing performance?

Quality Improvement Strategies. More than 40 years ago, Donabedian 27 proposed measuring the quality of health care by observing its structure, processes, and outcomes.

Structure measures assess the accessibility, availability, and quality of resources, such as health insurance, bed capacity of a hospital, and number of nurses with advanced training. Objectives: Objectives Common problems encountered by your chosen organization type How to acquire relevant information required for decision making Common tools used to enhance decision making Challenges that may be encountered in making risk-management and quality-management decisions Current and future trends in risk and quality management What strategies should be adapted to.

Common tools used to enhance decision making. Challenges that may be encountered in making risk-management and quality-management decisions. Current and future trends in risk and quality management. What strategies should be adapted to improve ongoing performance.

How to Make Decisions

GL O MACS Problem Solving and Decision Making skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals presents a structured and transparent approach with methods to help you to describe, analyse, solve and prevent problems effectively and to make the best decisions with maximum acceptance.

By the end of this GL O MACS training course.

Tools used to enhance decision making in risk management and quality management
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