The process of healthcare management

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President’s Message:

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CEC Global is the leader in providing BPM, e-learning solutions, consulting and IT Solutions in UAE & aimed to provide the best result oriented output for every customer. PROCESS EXCELLENCE FOR HEALTHCARE. Now more than ever, hospitals are faced with the imperative to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while delivering increasingly better patient care.

Process-based management

Specialty letters sent to patient lists that highlight payment opportunities and options, review any policy changes, and further demonstrate a quality patient experience. We are a management consulting firm that provides performance management, continuous process improvement (CPI), and project management services to both public and private sector organizations.


NOVACES helps clients build capabilities in today's most effective methodologies to achieve breakthrough operational and financial results.

Provider Solutions.

What Is Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

High value end-to-end solutions streamlines cash flow and speeds up the reimbursement process, helping U.S. healthcare providers and hospitals to better manage the complexities of the Revenue Cycle – through significantly reducing costs, improving outcomes and quality, and increasing margins.

DuPont Process Safety Management Training Managing Operational Risks by Accelerating Employee Skills Development.

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Key factors such as an aging workforce, a retirement boom in developed markets, a lack of skilled workers in emerging markets and an increasing reliance on contractors have contributed to a significant increase in operational risks.

The process of healthcare management
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