The management team

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Management Team

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Team management

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Senior management

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Prometric’s management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that guide the company’s direction. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a (c)3 nonprofit organization. Donate Every $1 donated provides enough food for 4 meals to feed hungry children, seniors and families. Learn more about the management team behind Aytu BioScience, Inc., a specialty healthcare company concentrating on developing products for redox-modulated conditions with a focus on urological indications and related conditions.

Management Team. Jirka Rysavy.

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Founder and Chairman. Jirka Rysavy, founder, Chairman and CEO of Gaia, has been Chairman since inception and has served as Chief Executive Officer (except from March to July ). Mr. Rysavy is the beneficial owner of approximately 38% of Gaia outstanding shares.

InMr. Rysavy founded Corporate Express. Intermedia’s Management and Leadership team is responsbile of leading the company and managing professionals and technicians, to achieve our clients business goals through our service offerings. The right management team can cover a CEO's shortcomings.

A CEO may be able to set strategy, predict the future and control the budget, but if they don't hire the right team, they have to master.

The management team
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