Role of a teacher as an instructional input and as a manager of instructions

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Chapter The Critical Role of Classroom Management

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The Principal’s Responsibilities in Supporting Quality Instruction

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Qualities of Effective Teachers, 3rd Edition

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The teacher becomes a part of the teaching-learning process, and is identified as an instructional input. In the following paragraph you will see how a teacher plays the role of a manager during the instructional teaching- learning process.

The Principal's Role in the Instructional Process: Implications for At-Risk Students Principals use data and faculty input to determine staff development activities that strengthen teachers' instructional skills. Principals can incorporate these behaviors into their role as the instructional leaders.

Furthermore, these actions have a. Campus principals play an important role in improving student achievement through their facilitation, guidance and support of effective instructional strategies.

The Effects of Input-based and Output-based Instruction on L2 Development

They must be willing to collaborate with staff to determine appropriate instructional strategies and support teachers through active involvement, collaboration and effective leadership.

Instructional Design is the systematic process of developing instructional systems. Creating effective training to fill this need calls for the application of Instructional Design skills along with processes that produce authentic, well-organized, and engaging materials. Second Language Teaching and Learning: the Roles of Teachers, Students, and the Classroom Briggs, Martin, "Second Language Teaching and Learning: the Roles of Teachers, Students, and the Classroom Environment" ().

I would also like to thank my classmates and colleagues for their input and advice in both teaching and research, and. Similarly, Toth () examined the role of input and output in the acquisition of L2 Spanish morphosyntax by comparing PI (as a form of input-based instruction) to instruction where input and output occurred in a communicative, teacher-led classroom setting.

Role of a teacher as an instructional input and as a manager of instructions
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