Purposes of performance management

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The Purpose of Performance Management: Redefining Aspirations

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The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

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Performance management: an introduction

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Grabs of Organizational Problems: In our location report Could do better?. Identify 2 purposes of reward within a performance management system.

The main purpose of reward within a performance management system are to retain, motivate employees and reduce turnover.

Objectives of Performance Management

Performance Management is the term used to describe the process set by an organisation to ensure all employees are aware of the level of performance expected of them in that role, as well as any individual objectives they will need to achieve to achieve overall organisational objectives.

Dissatisfaction with performance management is at an all-time high. What’s more, performance management activities such as formal goal-setting processes, mid-year and year-end reviews, and extensive rating and calibration processes cost the average organization millions of dollars video-accident.com research shows individual performance management ratings have no correlation with business unit.

An introduction to performance management. The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. It is a continuous process where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives or goals and his or her overall contribution to the organization.

Performance management requires an investment of time and energy on the manager's part, so it stands to reason that there should be a return on that investment.

One of the most important, and often neglected reasons to do it is that it results in the manager having to spend less time "managing", or micro-managing.

Purposes of Performance Management System

Performance management is the activity and set of processes that aim to maintain and improve employee performance in line with an organisation's objectives. It’s strategic as well as operational, as its aim is to ensure that employees contribute positively to business objectives.


Purposes of performance management
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