Management information system of dhaka bank

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University of Dhaka

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World Bank Disaster Risk Management Hub, Tokyo -Japan: Country Program

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Credit Delivery System

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This will increase efficiency, speed and reliability of the information. Introduction Origin of the report: Our course instructor of Management Information System (MIS ), Sharmin Islam, orally authorized the task of preparing this report by a group consists of five students at the middle of the semester.

Water management in Dhaka, The first piped drinking water system in Dhaka was established in by Khwaja Abdul Ghani, the aristocrat that ruled Dhaka under the British colonial authorities. The system was fed by a water treatment plant in Chadnighat near the bank of the river Buriganga. After independence from the British in the.

OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM. Leading IDLC is a pool of talented and experienced professionals, who have tested their expertise and proven their leadership in various industries.

The e-GP system is a single web portal from where and through which PAs and PEs will be able to perform their procurement related activities using a dedicated secured web based dashboard. Dhaka Bank IT Division in collaboration with multiple business units has a development a state-of-the-art Online Banking System with futuristic visions and plans for all retail and corporate customers with the most secured policies and channels and delivers the outmost service to our valuable customers.

Management information system of dhaka bank
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