British airways and management information systems

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British Airways data theft leaves customers fuming, out of pocket (video)

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The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path?

"Legacy was us," says British Airways CIO Paul Coby. "Legacy was us," says British Airways CIO Paul Coby. In the past three years, Coby has undertaken the most far-reaching technology initiative among any large airline. During this time, he has completely streamlined the carrier's internal networks.

Information systems play a critical role in such key functions as the passenger reservation systems; yield management systems and flight operation.

Apart from the above-mentioned examples there are various other fields in which information systems play a vital role in British airways. Trade Fares Join the British Airways flights and groups specialists. Lime are the leading providers of British Airways products to the trade, combining our spectrum of fare types with skilled staff and systems.

“British Airways is just the latest example of the threat posed by cyber-attacks. Hackers are becoming increasingly inventive, often targeting hardware such as printers, scanners and credit card machines to breach systems. British Airways is respected across the world; recognised for both our unique, understated British style and the unrivalled experience of our people.

We believe our best days can lie ahead of us but only if we continue to modernise and lead change. British Airways launched a global customer relations initiative aimed at overhauling its technology infrastructure and service processes (baggage, compensation, etc.). Astute Solutions’ ePowerCenter consumer interaction management solution was selected to accomplish their expansive objectives.

British airways and management information systems
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British Airways data breach: Security researchers name suspects and query attack timeline